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BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES, subsidiary of CNIM Group, relies on its long history of innovation to develop, produce and market innovative systems and equipment worldwide.
Among its 620 employees, two-thirds are engineers and high-level managers. Turnover was over €100 million in 2018. The company is active at a global level. Its range of systems and tools offer innovative measurement and sampling solutions for markets with high added value:
- Lab equipment (biological sample preparation, biological air samplers, digital microscopes).
- Nuclear instrumentation (professional radon monitoring, environmental radiation monitoring, radiation portal monitors, radiation protection).
- Defence, security and safety/oil and gas site protection (CBRN, gas detection, optronics) with the acquisition of Exensor in 2017.
Its solutions for the treatment and radiological monitoring of biomedical waste are represented by the brand Bertin Medical Waste. Equipment in the Sterilwave range and its associated accessories and benefits allow effective and safe treatment of biomedical waste, in particular. This can be carried out in the immediate vicinity of where it is produced, as recommended by the WHO. Bertin Medical Waste also offers radioactivity detection instruments for monitoring and testing waste, thanks to the expertise provided by Saphymo, a leader in the detection of ionizing rays.

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13.02.2020 • By Bertin Technologies